· Severus Blackpaw ·

Age : 24
Height: 5'5'' / 170 cm
Weight : 126 lbs / 57 kg
Species : Silverfox
Born : Canada / Vancouver
Accent : Canadian
Position : Sub
Likes : absinth, opium, girls, crossdressing, girly clothes, underwear, boobs, butts and holding them in his hands or his hold in other hands, massages
Dislikes : disorder, children, ignorant people, dirt (has a hang to clean everything)
Status : weak minded, low self-esteem, at risk of committing suicide
Orientation: Bisexual

Story: Severus is a shy but very beautifull Silverfox with feminin traits. Sure he has no boobs but he looks very feminin.
He loves crossdressing and has a hang to clean things on every millimeter.

Severus is married with Chocolate and lives together in a house with Maycha, his Sister and Oliver and Taco as pets.