· Lilith Mincemeat ·

Age : 19
Height: 5'4'' / 165 cm
Weight : 105 lbs / 48 kg
Species : Serval
Born : London / UK
Position : Dom but loves to play Sub to get to her prey
Likes : knifes, blood, drugs, girls, toys, dirty play, cutting herself, silent people, your intestines
Dislikes : men, live, the world, everything, children, sex
Status : insane
Orientation: Lesbian

Story: Lilith once lived together with Severus but somehow got mad with all the voices in her head.
The consequenze was a few years in an Asylum where she killed everyone there with her now beloved Barber Knife.
She always gets a kick, when the knife goes through flesh. So, she cuts herself too if she needs another kick and there is nobody to play with.
Nowadays she is doing fitness/sport with Chocolate together and living a better live.