· Chocolate ·

Age : 27
Height Anthro : 5'9'' / 180 cm
Height Feral : 3'9'' / 120 cm
Length Feral : 5'9'' / 180 cm
Weight Anthro : 182 lbs / 83 kg
Weight Feral : 460 lbs / 210 kg
Species : Sabretooth Lynx Hybrid
Born : Swiss
Accent: Swiss
Position : Mommy (has a super motherly behaviour)
Likes : guys, girls, girls butts, cuddles, tight hugs, fastfood, fitness
Dislikes : racial stuff, slavery, liars, cold, clothes
Status : Strong minded, strong protecting instincts
Orientation: Pansexual

Story: Chocolate has a very protective instinct. She loves hugs and cuddles and sometimes she gets a food nom flash and eats more then she could take.
But only in her feral form and get really round. After that... well she is always asking Severus for some fitness training (Sex) as her Pants and Hotpants dont fit anymore.
Chocolate has in her feral form the body build and size of a tiger as a sabrecat but the paws, tail and also head of a lynx from the design.
So she is not a small cuddlecat even if she loves to cuddle all the time. Dont land under her belly ;) That catsize means heavy.

Chocolate is married with Severus and lives together in a house with Maycha (Severus Sister) and Oliver and Taco as pets.