· James Orwell ·

Nickname: Cap, Captain, Trash, Trashdog
Age : 36
Born : 1676 (actual living year is 1711 and 343 years in 2019)
Height : 4'6'' / 141 cm
Weight : 57 lbs / 26 kg
Species : TrashDog
Born : GB / London
Accent : low life british
Position: Dom
Character : Rude, Mean, Liar, Lazy, Feisty and is very snappy but can also be friendly and he always keeps his word
Likes : Treasure, Gold, Rum, Biting, Chest-, Belly- and Chin rubs, do whatever he wants
Dislikes : People who dont follow his orders, Silver
Status : Drunk
Orientation: Hetero
Tend to Bite

Story: James Orwell is a TrashDog and acted in the Royal Navy as a Commodore in the Golden Pirate Age of the Caribbean.
Nowadays his ship looks more broken then functional and is more a ghostship but somehow he is still able to let that ship swim and maneuver throw the ocean.
His very own goal is to get his paws on the hourglass of time. With that hourglass, he is able to live forever and get back his youth again and again.
As maybe seen on the pictures, James does not wear underwear and stuff as he is more feral then anthro.
James has the urge to wear clothes like the ones he wears, otherwise he does not feel civilzed enough... Something that he is not as a more wild looking creature with animal creature instincts...
He also is very small. He is not really an Anthro like my other chars are but more a ''normal'' canid who just walks on his 2 hindlegs at the size of a czech wolfdog.

As a trashdog, Silver hurts him alot like with werewolfs. He also feels uncomfy next to a cross or being in a curch and stuff. Please dont bless him XD.
His fangs were removed against his will and later replaced with golden ones by himself. The reason is, that he is a really bity creature. He loves to bite.

He wears a walking stick. The stick has no real purpose and is just design but the walking stick has a hidden knife.

His favorite food is Rum and Chicken.

James cant chew as he is a canind and need to swallow down chunks of meat. He can open their maws wide and have a wide throat but chewing? NA XD
Strickt Carnivore.


When turning 21 his blood changed. This change made him stronger, heal faster and gave him a long life but he also is not able anymore to touch silver.
This slow age lasts for around 300 - 350 years before they lose their healing ability and so their long life. At that point, he begins to age rapidly and have no more than 15 years left till they die because of a circulatory collapse.

James for example was born in 1676. In 1697 he turned 21 and his slow age begun. He always tells people that he is around 35 -37 when they are asking their age, instead he is already 342 years old in 2018. That also means, his reign is nearly over as he had already spend 321 years aging slowly which is eating him up from the inside knowing that his end is near.

Muzzle has bumb on top
Muzzle is heavy build for his size. Not like a yote.
Big nose with Big noseholes
Eye pupills are red
all 4 fangs are golden
Larger fangs then normal canids
3 Derpy Teeth at each side
Scar at neck and on left ear
End of ear is bent down
Never wears pants. Sometimes Shirts and always Gold