· The PeanutButter Dog ·

Nickname: PB
Age : 23
Born : 1688 (the actual living year is 1711)
Height : 6'2'' / 189 cm
Weight : 184 lbs / 88 kg
Species : African Painted Dog or African Wild Dog
Born : Botsuana
Language : French and Englisch but mainly Jamaican Patois
Accent : Jamaican
Position : Dom ;P
Likes : Sex, Food, Foodplay, get fed by someone, more Sex ;p
Dislikes : unknown
Status : in contract as a surgeon in James Orwells crew
Special Traits : Voodoo
Orientation: Pansexual

Story: PB has no real name, but she was born in Botsuana and got taken away for slavery when she was 5. The ship that should bring her over to the US was brought up by pirates and there she joined them under the Commodore James Orwell the TrashDog who is more a pirate himself then fighting for king and crown.
There, she has a few jobs to do. One jobs is the surgeon. But she is also nymphomaniac. People love to report sick!
And why PeanutButterDog? Well the design had nice colors and I won the char in an auction. Somehow the colors reminded me on Peanutbutter and thats why I call her the PeanutButterDog.
Oh she also drips here and there PeanutButterDrool and you can get a taste of that peanutbutter XD *points on the picture at chin and tail* ... what have you thought? ;
So she can also do Voodoo. And if you ask yourself for what she does need Voodo, then the answere is ... to get her victims or toys in her bed/inside ;p