· Taco ·

Nickname : Mel / Chocomel / Your Highness / MunchiCoon
Age : Taco will not tell
Height: 0'8'' / 26 cm
Length: 2' / 60 cm
Weight Summer: 11 lbs / 5 kg
Weight Winter: 15.4 lbs/ 7kg
Species : Cinnamon Raccoon
Born : ?
does not speak - words are only shown via worn shirt
Likes : eggs, munchifood, earmassages, bellymassages, cuddles, chilling, weed
Dislikes : getting poked
Status : Sharing is Caring
Position : unknown
Orientation: unknown
sex: unknown / nonbinary

Taco is the pet of Maycha, Severus jounger Sister. Influenced by her, Taco had allready taken some drugs just by accident and found out, that Weed is nice.
Tacos fur is really soft and the raccoon loves to get bellyrubs as the belly is the softest in the world. Using that belly as a pillow is wha Maycha is doing alot as the kitfox is using Taco as a pillow too: :3